About Lucky Dip

Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip was born in 2015, during a casual conversation between multievent fan friends on Twitter. “If only there were some sort of Fantasy league for the multis” we thought. “But less complicated.”

“Someone should do a lucky dip!” And so here it is.

The prize for the very first Lucky Dip in May 2015, which initially involved a few dozen people, was the promise of a souvenir programme from a Diamond League meeting that summer. And then this happened.

The rest is history.

Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip has taken place in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. It takes place on Twitter, and led to a counterpart competition for the global championships, with Fantasy Beijing Lucky Dip (2015), Fantasy Rio Lucky Dip (2016), Fantasy London Lucky Dip (2017), and for 2019, Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip.

But first and foremost, Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip is about supporting the multi-events and shining a rare spotlight on all that is wonderful and inspiring about the decathlon and heptathlon, and the amazing athletes who compete in them. Established names are celebrated, new names are learned and remembered for seasons to come.

We’ve been lucky to have the support of some amazing athletes in the competition: Brianne and Ashton, Kelly Sotherton, Eelco Sintnicolaas, Adam Sebastian Helcelet and the Czech decathlon team, Christian Taylor, Adam Gemili, Evan Dunfee, Jane Saville, Tom Bosworth, Jack Green and more.

But what makes Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip so special is the community of fans on Twitter – the #athleticos. Every competition results in a portfolio of memes, montages, photographs, puns, and squeals of delight as old multievent favourites return and new names are embraced.

And over the years the prizes from athletes have been supplemented with contributions from the athletico community – an eclectic and sometimes eccentric collection of athletics souvenirs, memorabilia, personalised gifts celebrating great multievents moments and, sometimes, biscuits from Aldi.

Fantasy Lucky Dip is very much a team effort. For Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip 2019, the team is:

  • Gabby – organiser and general multievent aficionado (@smokymozzarella)
  • Paul – results calculator and responsible for the fancy bits of website design (@pahunt1978)
  • David – official selector of athletes to go into the Lucky Dip (@fan_athletics)
  • Pete – once the teams are selected, Honest Pete’s Bookmakers will tell you the odds of your team winning (@YadaBlahBlah)
  • @warr10rz – the official maker of Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip memes
  • The Trackcastic podcast team – who will be enjoying a live real time selection of their teams

So head over to Twitter and search for #FantasyDohaLuckyDip if you would like to play!

You can read the Rules of Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip here.

You can see the prizes for the 2019 Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip and some other prize highlights here. The 2019 Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip prizes will be announced soon.

You can view some of the highlights of previous years’ montages and photo competitions here – the full archive of delights will be added over the coming months. And below you can see some of your favourite athletes supporting Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip, courtesy of James (@james_athletics).