Fantasy Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip: The Rules

There may be no Götzis meeting in 2020 due to coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lucky dip. Updated for 2020 only, here are the rules for Fantasy Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip!

RULE 1: Each entrant will have a team of 4: two decathletes and two heptathletes, drawn by way of a lucky dip

RULE 2: Each athlete on your team will score points according to where they finish in each discipline at Fantasy Götzis. If they finish first in a discipline, they will score 10 points; 9 points for second place and so on down to 1 point for tenth.  Repeat this for all ten events of the decathlon, and all 7 events of the heptathlon. The maximum you can score is 323.

EXAMPLE: If one of your decathletes wins every discipline, he will score you 100 points. If your other decathlete is second in every discipline, he will score you 90 points.  And so on.

RULE 3: The usual Götzis field will be replaced by 32 decathletes and 32 heptathletes from the all-time lists with a few current favourites thrown in for fun.

RULE 4: The results for every athlete, in every event will be generated by Fantasy Paul and his supercomputer. The results could be anywhere in the usual range of results for multieventers – they will not reflect individual PBs so ANYTHING could happen!  Including DQs, DNS and so on.

RULE 5: There are no replacements if your athlete retires or is disqualified – but not all athletes will score points in every event so there is no fatal disadvantage if you lose an athlete (or two).

RULE 6: A bonus point will be awarded for every #decathletesofeurope on your team.   

RULE 7: In the event of a tiebreak, event points will be given greater priority over #decathletesofeurope points. If there continues to be a tiebreak, then the team will confer and come to a judgement.

RULE 8: No bams allowed. This is a fun competition where we share our love of all things multi-eventing and a number of people give up their time to make it happen. Don’t be an arse.

THE PRIZE: The prize for this imaginary competition is very real: a GB vest signed by two of the all time greats themselves, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Katarina Johnson Thompson.

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