Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip 2019: On Tour

Ralph Pearson and James Rhodes get us underway with Fantasy Götzis tucked safely into their luggage and bookmarked with Damian.

Amanda and Ollie are veterans of Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip (and Ollie has posed for a portfolio for the occasion), joined this year by Julia in Poland and her feline friend.

CK is personally responsible for KJT’s win in Götzis, since this homage in Penny Lane clearly inspired KJT’s fabulous performance.


And meanwhile in Hornchurch Stadium, Michael Owers and Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip celebrate the shiny new long throws cage.


Tim Berrett celebrates patience and the Canadian postal system in one go.

Lindsay Theobold channels the true Götzis experience by setting up in a field.


Rain wrecked @sofasobad’s high concept plan, so instead we have existential angst on the kitchen floor.

And a final presentation from Sweden from Peter Larsson, who also had one of the finest Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip team montages in 2019.

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