Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip 2019: Montages

The 2019 Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip team montage selection takes us on a tour of classic album covers, film trailers, equine transport, milkshakes and the face-swap that will give you nightmares for weeks. The athleticos of Twitter have, again, outdone themselves.

First up, Tim Berrett (@CaminataTim) presents his team as an occasional series in tribute to the great Swedish combined eventers.

Chris (@xucachris) and Katie Hearns (@KatieHearns) continue the album cover theme. Chris with the Gotzees, including a late substitution of Tim Duckworth for the injured Adam Sebastian Helcelet; and Katie’s S Club 7 like you’ve never seen them before (although doesn’t Ash Moloney look like he was one of the original members?!)

From the charts to the movies, and @le_petit_cochon Ceri’s team, including Laura’s cat, are The Incredibles; @YadaBlahBlah Pete’s are channelling the vibes of Glasgow 2019 with his Game of Thrones epic.

And now things get, well, weird. There’s no introduction that will do justice to the abstract experience that is @Sanne_DeG’s team, and so here it is.

And after that, Peter Larsson @pela2taf’s delightful team Dark Horses with a teeny tiny Uibo seem quite usual and not weird at all.

Louise Knight @Rapunzel75’s milkshake team are topical and tasty for the hot summer of 2019, and @orumeena’s team are a homage to the great combined event javelin performances of the year.

Amanda @MandJ666, @Warr10rz, Martin @mibdude and @Sp0rtz_fan bring us back to normality with some classic, old school Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip beauties.

And we finish off with some on the ground offerings from Coach Jan @coach_jan and James Rhodes @james_athletics – Jan with a montage of posters of his team from the streets of Götzis, and James with a selection of his own photographs from the Mosle Stadion. Stay tuned for the 2019 winner!

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