Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip 2019: Montages

First up, fresh from his role in warming up the Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip crowd with his cheesy memes, @warr10rz gets us moving with a classy take on the team montage. Warning: it’s all downhill from here.

Peter @pela2taf picks up where Tim @CaminataTim left off in Fantasy Götzis Lucky Dip, with a nice wee Abba-inspired montage. Tim, on the other hand, rightly balanced his effort across competitions with this can’t-be-arsed “minimalist” approach.

Film and TV were popular themes for Fantasy Doha Lucky Dip. Chris @xucachris went for a Brady Bunch spin off, Pete @YadaBlahBlah the Slovenian Film Festival and resident athletico arty film-buff Paul @MrShotPutSocial something that was apparently “charming and heartwarming.” @Orumeena’s Chronicles have also been attracting 5 star-reviews.

Continuing in the high brow theme, Danny @dannytolhurst’s montage has some big words in it as well as a tilde, so is very impressive. And Michael @owersfamily even includes a gif (it works on twitter, it isn’t just g-i-f written on the picture). Such talent!

Katie @KatieHearns has given her offering a big build up. “I’m sorry. It’s terrible. And the theme was purely based on a conversation with my 7 year old about cybermen at dinnertime. Happy #fantasydohaluckydip everyone!”

From the fantastical conversations about cybermen at teatime to some very, very slick offerings from the athleticos. Richard @richyroo brings some corporate branding that the most experienced of event organisers would lust after, Lucy @lucy15parry’s Parry-Gliders is clearly a TV show waiting to be made, and Carol @flic22s has done a better job of promoting Falah the Falcon than the LOC did during the championships.

There are reliably high quality entries from Lucky Dip regulars Reece @ReeceAthletics and Bjorn @runoutofhell, and from Lucky Dip rookie @Mattvanstan.

And rounding off the team montages, Frans @FransHggblom brings us a delightful cartoon representation of his Lucky Dip team; and Robin @heeRobin a chilling glance into all our futures with his facemask-bedecked team.

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